Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Saxton's Map 1577

Another post, another historic map for enthusiasts of local cartography. This time its Saxton's map of Lancashire from 1577. It's interesting to compare this with our previously posted Speed's map of 1610. You can't help thinking that Speed might have gone in for a spot of plagiarism to cut a few corners.

Whatever the case, as always just click on the thumbnail and the full-sized version should, hopefully, open up. Make sure first, of course, that you've got broadband to handle the file size.

For anybody who hasn't upgraded to broadband yet (and, to be honest, it's about time you did because you're missing our excellent slideshows) we've included a smaller version below, detailing only the Fylde and the Wyre. Again, just click on the thumbnail, make yourself a mug of coffee, and wait for the full-sized map to load.


Michael said...


Do you have a higher resolution scan of the full Caxton map now? Something of the quality of the detail scan but of the full area. Since we all have Broadband now it seems as though it would be good :)


Brian Hughes said...


Unfortunately I don't. However, they had, if memory serves, large scale versions of the full map for sale at Blackpool Library for about five quid, I think. Admittedly it was last year when I looked, but they're probably still selling them. Hope that helps.