Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Most Haunted at Mains (Part Three)

Time for another midweek posting, which basically means the third part of 'Most Haunted at Mains Hall'. (Don't worry...there's only one more segment to go. After that we'll need to track down the missing five minutes at the end of the programme...although, to be honest, we probably won't bother.)

Incidentally, as regular viewers of Most Haunted (working on the assumption that such people exist) will be aware, the programme doesn't usually censor itself for swear words. (After all, that's part of the fun, watching Yvette Fielding spewing forth a torrent of expletives in panic.) And, to be honest, as historians who realise the importance of 'warts and all history', neither do we. However, I can only assume that You Tube (those great moral guardians of the Internet) have different ideas, so please don't blame us for all the inappropriate bleeps.

Anyhow, here's part three...murdered monks and all. (To be honest we'd read somewhere that they'd died of the plague, but who are we to argue with the psychics?)


John said...

I'm really enjoying these videos, but probably for the wrong reasons. :0)

Although I've had my own paranormal experiences, I am highly doubtful about the people in this program. Are we supposed to believe that these 'psychics' have done no research on the building, and know nothing of it's history?

Honestly, I think that they are trying way too hard to sound casual, so that they're coming across as rather hokey.

I mean, three adults sitting around in a haunted house at night under night-vision, and the lady says "I feel a vibration. Does that sound weird to you? Does that sound unusual?"

Um... yeah. The whole thing is unusual. No need to keep commenting.

Hopefully Mains Hall will go back to taking visitors, and I can spend the night when I finally visit your way. :0)

I think there's a much better chance of a ghost showing up without a camera crew on scene. :0)

Cheers, JOHN :0)

PS Thank goodness you guys are around to set the history of these places right.

Brian Hughes said...


If you're having a hard time believing the mediums in this clip, just wait until we dig out the ones showing Derek Acorah being possessed in the Winter Gardens. Not that I'm doubting the teams integrity, of course...after all, I don't want to get sued.

As for setting the history of Mains Hall straight, I could be wrong about the monks dying of plague. They might well have been murdered up against a door for all I know. I wasn't actually there, unlike the two psychics.

ObRegardless of its obvious flaws, Most Haunted is still a highly entertaining programme. I particularly enjoy the episodes where an unpleasant spirit (usually one at waist height standing next to the cameraman's right hand, I've noticed) throws a heavy object at Yvette Fielding's head.