Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Most Haunted at Mains (Part Two)

Time for a mid-week posting…not something we do very often but we didn’t want to keep everyone on tenterhooks waiting for the second part of ‘Most Haunted at Mains Hall’. Richard Felix’s claims in part one, incidentally, that the lands around Mains were first settled in the eleventh century, might have been a bit on the stingy side, especially considering that, at the gymkhana field next to Old Mains Lane, evidences for a Bronze Age settlement have been unearthed in the form of flint tools, red deer bones and Bronze Age pottery, and that a Romano/British road is known to have crossed ‘Aldwath’ at Point Shard, the cuttings of which are clearly Roman. It seems inconceivable given these facts that Mains itself wasn’t occupied during prehistoric times and throughout the Norse/Saxon period etc. Not that we’re complaining. Richard Felix has apparently been sacked from the ‘Most Haunted’ team now anyway, although probably on personal grounds rather than for his research.
By the way, we’ll be posting as normal on Friday. This is just a ‘bonus’ (if you can call it that)…

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