Friday, May 25, 2007

Most Haunted at Mains (Part One)

There are two postings this week, because we're feeling generous. Besides, we thought that the one below this (concerning Poulton's market place) might be a bit negative, so we wanted to lighten the board up a touch.
We always like to have a go at something different, so, with that in mind, below (hopefully) you'll see a video player containing the first part (there's actually four in total, the rest of which, providing we don't receive too many objections, we'll post at irregular intervals over the new few weeks) of 'Most Haunted at Mains Hall'.
You can blame Adele Yeomans for requesting the Bowen map a few weeks ago for this. She appears in the video, by the way, so keep an eye open for her.
Unfortunately Derek 'the Legend' Acorah doesn't. But as soon as we can track down the footage of him being possessed at the Winter Gardens we'll post that here as well.
Ghosts and local history...what could be better? (Well, correctly explaining to their audience that Mains Hall is actually in the Wyre and not in Blackpool might be an improvement, but nonetheless...)
Anyhow, turn your speakers on, make sure you've got broadband, click on the 'play' arrow and enjoy...providing it's working, of course, and you're not too frightened to actually watch it. It ends rather abruptly, but like we say, we'll post the rest soon.
By way of a disclaimer, we have no control over 'You Tube' products, and can't be held responsible for any sleepless nights that might follow.


Adele said...

Brian, sorry, have had some stick from a lady called Dorothy, who uses your site - She is telling me I'm wrong in claiming that Mains Hall is situated in the Fylde, it is actually and is not in the Wyre, or, as you so rightly Blackpool either![Most Haunted]
Adele from Mains Hall on the Fylde Coast [ in terms of rates and planning Brian !]

Brian Hughes said...


I have to admit the boundaries of the Wyre get a bit confused around Little Singleton. Don't they run down the middle of the river at this point or something? I have to be honest, I always thought that Mains was in the Wyre but you're probably (almost certainly) right. Regardless of current boundaries, historically the Fylde stretched from the Ribble to Cockerham anyway so Mains does and always did lie within the Fylde.
It doesn't, however, lie within the boundaries of Blackpool as suggested by Yvette Fielding but, if she re-employs Derek Acorah for the next series of Most haunted...and especially if she revisits Mains for a follow up, I can forgive her for that.