Tuesday, January 27, 2009

More Gratuitous Advertising...

Everybody who attended last Wednesday's Wyre Archaeology meeting will already know (probably...I wasn't paying that much attention myself) that the excavation reports for 2008 are now available in book format. (Don't forget to bring your dosh with you to the next meeting if you want to order a copy.) These books, incidentally, won't be available in the shops. They're 'Wyre Archaeology' and 'Internet' specific...because the shops wouldn't have 'em.
So, everyone should be ecstatic to learn that I've finished sorting out all the other excavation reports...the ones from Bourne Hill...three years worth of 'em. I've slapped 'em together in one big meaty volume, which is now also available to order at the next meeting.

Yes...I know I'm in the garden, in the rain, pretending to be David Attenborough. I had no choice. It's a dark afternoon and there wasn't enough battery power left in the flash to take the photograph indoors.
If you want, you can also purchase both books on-line (although, I ought to add, they'll be considerably cheaper if you just give me the money first) at: http://www.lulu.com/content/5750537 and http://www.lulu.com/content/5533708
And just in case you suspect I might be trying to rip you off by selling you the same book twice, the original one does have a slightly different cover. It's got red lettering for a start, whereas this one's got blue. It's similar to the first, because these are, of course, valuable collector's items and will eventually belong to an instantly recognisable and obviously priceless set. Here's the new cover anyhow. The old one's still knocking about somewhere in a previous article on this board if you want to hunt it down.

Perhaps I should point out that the insides of the books are different as well, but I'm assuming that you have an IQ marginally higher than that of the average bumble bee and have already realised that.
Right...normal service (such as it is) will be resumed tomorrow.


Ann oDyne said...


Anonymous said...

Why didn't you use external lighting...or did the gloomy atmosphere outdoors compliment the 'gratuitous advertising'?

I'm not a great fan of red font. I like curly black letters meself.

Brian Hughes said...


I thought you'd fallen asleep for a moment there. Then I realised you were just telling me politely to buzz off.


I did use external lighting. It's called the sun. It wasn't particularly bright this afternoon, being as it was raining, but not being a Hollywood producer, it was all I could afford.

As for the curly black letters, there's probably something Freudian lurking in that.

Word Verification: Woblbumm. It seems the programmers at Blogger have started getting personal.

Jayne said...

"...as it was Raining" Rain?
What on earth are you talking about, Brian?
Not more mythical things that cannot be proven to exist due to lack of evidence ?

Brian Hughes said...

Mythical things that can't be proven to exist, Jayne? Ah...you're getting confused with sunshine.

John said...

So are we talking two different books here, or two similar books with overlapping material, but each with enough new material to make it worth our whiles to read, or are you not saying in order to make those extra post Holiday sales?

Or maybe we should just wait for the film?

JOHN :0)

Brian Hughes said...


They're two completely separate books. One covers the excavations for 2005, 2006, and 2007, and the other covers the excavations for 2008. Next year there should be another one covering the excavations for 2009. At least, that's the general idea.