Saturday, February 06, 2010

The Weekend Review

First up, a quick advert for the latest collection of Wyre Archaeology Excavation Reports, this time covering the winter of 2008 to the winter of 2009. Not quite as thick as the previous one this, due to the fact that last year was probably the wettest digging season ever on record, but still a good read I reckon, if you're interested in what we were up to in our wellies and stuff...

Available now on-line (get a Pay Pal account for crying out loud!) at:

...or, alternatively, you can order a copy at the next Wyre Archaeology meeting.

Speaking of books, here's a review from the 'Rural Life Magazine' (cheers Anthony) of our second Fylde and Wyre Antiquarian book. Again, it's only available on-line at the moment...although there might be some in the shops, I'm not totally certain...I've lost track of this lot now. And again, alternatively, you can order a copy if you'd prefer at the next Wyre Archaeology meeting. (As always, click on the image if you want to read it properly.)

Actually there might be some in the shops. I'd have to contact my distributor (otherwise known as Gary) to find out. Whatever, here's the address to buy one if you have your own Pay Pal account:

Finally, a clipping from last week's Evening Gazette. It's actually about the Fleetwood Civic Society and the wall around the Mount, but I get a mention in it (cheers Tom) and I know how desperate my fans are to get hold of anything even remotely connected with me (apparently it's a requisite when practising voodoo), so there we go:


BwcaBrownie said...

Your Eminence,
If you were out/down here in the colony, where we don't have any ancient construction, you would get a whacking great cash Heritage Grant for publishing that lovely work.
I think Tasmania has one or two 1820 buildings left, Sydney and Parramatta would have a couple of 1830's, and Victoria has some 1840's.
Wishing you into a Second edition!

Brian Hughes said...


The only grant I'm likely to get for my Victorian cottage would be from the Clean-Up Fleetwood Campaign to pull it down and rid the place of an eyesore.

Jayne said...

What a gorgeous wall, the precision and craftsmanship is beautiful.
Plenty of dry stone walls in the Western District of Victoria but I'm not aware of any cobbled walls like this ever made their appearance here.

Brian Hughes said...


Actually there's tons of cobbled walls round here, quite a few of them mediaeval. I'm not sure how I ended up in that article, to be honest, seeing as I'm not a member of the civic society...but, hey...a bit of media hijacking never hurt anybody's reputation.

John said...

Maybe you should do a post on cobbled medieval walls, if you get the chance... still haven't seen the one about the bridge, so not sure if you take requests...?

Here's an idea? How about getting some old Oxford profs to give a bus tour of old Medieval walls and bridges?

Never mind... that kind of History Tour doesn't sound so magical...

Am I still here? toodles...

Brian Hughes said...


I always take requests, unless they're physically impossible, of course...or unless they require transport I don't currently have or information I haven't got either or one of many dozens of other things that might serve as a reason not to follow up on them immediately.

Or to put it another way, sometimes I take requests...perhaps.