Friday, June 26, 2009

I might be gone some time...

Following a slight altercation with British Telecom the other night concerning an allegedly outstanding bill, a mouthy salesperson and some brain-dead billing assistant who didn't appear to understand a single word I was saying/shouting loudly at her down the phone to India -- possibly she just didn't want to understand, it was hard to tell -- my contract with said telecommunication's company has now been terminated, effective of about halfway through next week. (I'm not paying those theiving squitter-munchers sixty-five quid a month for a service that involves an e-mail server that crashes ever ten minutes!)

As a result, I might be off-line for a least until I've decided which route to travel next along the information super highway (it'll be the hard shoulder at this rate), purchased all the relevent equipment and set it up...oh yes...and bought a couple of mobile phones as well. I refuse to have an ordinary phone in my house from this week forward, seeing as BT own the monopoly on all the landlines in Britain. Good old Thatcher -- her legacy of greed and the faceless anihilation of socialist enterprise lives on, even if her feeble, withered, evil old mind doesn't.

To cut a long story short, I've set this board onto auto-scheduling for a couple of months, just in case my departure turns out to be longer than originally planned. After next Wednesday's posting, the Fylde and Wyre Antiquarian will update itself every Sunday (I think...correction, I hope), just don't expect too many of the usual drunken, unamusing replies in the comments boxes until I'm back.

Hopefully that won't be too long. See y'all on the flip side. If I'm not back by Christmas I'll probably have emigrated to Finland.

Brian (Hughes, that is -- beleagured campaigner against self-centred idiots in almost every walk of life)


Jayne said...

Give the bastards curry!

Brian Hughes said...

Not a chance. I like the odd curry now and then. I wouldn't give that lot the steam off my shDISCONNECTION PROCESS INITIATED

JahTeh said...

Oh lovely, the house is empty.
Steal everything that's not nailed down but leave the cat, it costs a fortune to maintain.