Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wish you were here…rather than me

Old postcards are excellent for a rainy day (it gives us something to colour in), especially when they’re local and feature some extremely ugly people attempting to act ‘cool’. Take this one, for example, of Lucas’s Holiday Camp in Norbreck. (Is that the Mariners in the background? We’re not sure. It’s difficult to recognise without the smoke gouting out of its eaves.)

Let the good times roll! We’ve recreated the colour scheme of the day by making it up, dressing our Mafiosi-type gentleman in the centre in a fetching maroon blazer and purple socks for no other reason than he looks the sort. To be honest, we’ve only coloured this photograph in because we needed a picture for the cover of the third Fylde & Wyre Antiquarian book and we like to prepare these sorts of things well in advance.

We’ve done some research and can now tell you, with a certain amount of confidence, that the three gentlemen featured above are (from left to right) Martin Clunes, Pete Postlethwaite and a young Syd James (yahkyahkfnghargh.) Quite a gathering of celebrities (although don’t go round quoting us on that).

We’re not sure what the bloke in the middle’s holding. Possibly a bottle with a strange ‘holiday’ attachment, possibly Mickey Mouse’s prosthetic limb. Suggestions to the usual address: Sgt. Hodges, Bispham Police Station, Red Bank Road. Mark the envelope ‘X-Files’.

Next up we have this rather excellent photograph (once again coloured in because we’ve got to have something for the back cover of the book as well) of the Out Rawcliffe Farmer’s Association Annual Outing.

We’re not entirely sure which one of them was being ‘outed’. Seeing as there are no ladies onboard it could have any of them to be honest. Whatever the case, the ship is the Lady Moyra, crossing from Fleetwood to Barrow for the Lakes, and the photograph itself was taken on August 3rd 1910. (Presumably the wives were left at home to peel the spuds for their return, as is only right and proper.)

Who’d have thought there were so many farmers in Out Rawcliffe, eh, and so elegantly dressed?

It’s a rather short posting this week because we’ve spent too long messing about with the wax crayons, so that’s your lot


Jayne said...

These days I opt to leave my armchairs at home when I go camping :P

Brian Hughes said...

Ah...but do you still take the kitchen sink with you?

Personally, whenever I'm on a dig, I insist on having my armchair with me. It usually takes two people to carry it onto the site for me, but fortunately I've gathered a lot of dirt on various members of Wyre Archaeology over the years, which I can use in exchange for slave labour.

John said...

Glad you received the postcards I sent!

Just kidding. Actually, are you sure they're postcards? They look more like old photos or more specifically souvenir photos they used to sell in ye olde days when going on Holiday was an occasion.

I mean, who would buy a postcard with the Old Farmers Outing on it, and then send it to someone they cared enough about to waste precious vacation time sending a postcard? I mean, those Farmers really look like they needed to get out, if you ask me.

Still, nice coloring job, interesting photos, and what do you mean third book? What books are these?

JOHN :0)

Brian Hughes said...

John,"...who would buy a postcard with the Old Farmers Outing on it, and then send it to someone..."

The Owd Farmers themselves? I'm assuming they're postcards. They might just be photographs. I've no idea really...I just nicked 'em off Phil Barker."...what do you mean third book?"

The follow up to the second book...Fylde and Wyre Antiquarian that is, now available clicking on the link in the right hand column.

Anonymous said...

They are postcards there were lot's of them,there are 18 on the website. link I have seen about 20 others.

Brian Hughes said...


That'd be the 'Ugly Lancastrians Executive Postcard Gift Set for Discerning Grockles' then...

John said...

Okay, wv = grastsin, so i have to comment. :0)

I think once upon a time... early 1900's, when photography was starting to boom, tourists could get postcards made on the spot of photos of themselves at scenic spots. That's what I'm guessing these are. I'll check out the link, Phil... thanks!

JOHN :0)

Brian Hughes said...


I strongly suspect you're right. Having said that, a group shot of a load of unknown (and slightly disturbing looking) people was probably better than an actual view of Fleetwood, so who can tell?

shirley said...

Hi gang well and truly windmilled out. However a chap brought us plans of mill he found them going on a skip years ago and kept them. I remember skip hopping with my mother and getting a fabulous painting. It must have been van hopping back then. Ahh out Rawcliffe there was an old farmhouse I visited why I honestly do not know but it was in the sixties. You cannot beat a man with a moustache as my mother used to say kissing a man without a moustache is like eating an egg without salt !! Shirley..

Brian Hughes said...


I used to sport a whacking great tash myself. Then one day I realised that it was no longer a lush chestnut hedge, but had turned grey and silver in large patches and was getting a bit threabare round the edge so that it looked more like an eyebrow come down for a drink. It had to go.