Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Blatant Couldn’t-give-a-Stuff Advert for our Latest Book!

Despite many attempts (and quite rightly so) to banish our works from the sights of decent society, the second Fylde and Wyre Antiquarian book has managed to crawl, coughing and spluttering, from the primordial soup of local history and, even as I type, is prostituting itself in front of the general public, at the bargain basement price of just £9.95!

Anybody with a credit/debit card or even a Pay Pal account, can order their copy direct from Harris & Hughes Independent Publishers at the following address (where you can also experience a quick preview of this latest addition to our ever expanding library, just to get your antiquarian taste buds tingling).

Click here to quench your thirst for matters Fylde & Wyre Antiquarian related.

Alternatively we’ll be taking orders at the next Wyre Archaeology meeting. (Cruelty to moths will not be tolerated unless the imminent release of ‘ten pound notes’ from your wallet requires it.)

Remember -- according to the ‘Fleetwood Association for Readers of Trivia’ (or F.A.R.T. as it’s more commonly known) if you don’t immediately buy this eclectic volume of historical anecdotes (sans one recent article that we’re not going to mention, of course) then the chances are it’s because you smell of old cabbage and socks.


Reuben said...

I'll trade my cat for that book.

Brian Hughes said...

No thanks...I've made that mistake before.

John said...

Is this a collection of blog posts?

When's the next history book coming?

Brian Hughes said...


Yes...and don't know. When it gets written...if ever. I'm seriously in two minds at the moment about jacking it all in and buying a canal boat instead. Problems with drugs dealers over the road, you see, and no help whatsoever from the council, the police etc. A life on the canal, even without the archaeology, is extremely tempting at the moment.

JahTeh said...

Make it ten quid and throw in a T-shirt.

You fool, you wanted drug dealers caught but to do that you have to report them as terrorists. Homeland security will be on them like flies on a midden.

Anonymous said...

That terrorist idea sounds like a gud un, why don't you try it, anonymously of course.

Disturbed Stranger said...

Interesting read... :)

Brian Hughes said...

Actually, that is a good idea. I might give it a go.

Brian Hughes said...

Disturbed Stranger,

Ta v. much. A bargain at only £9.95 as well, I reckon.