Thursday, March 26, 2009

An Apology

It seems I’ve gone and stuck my hoof in it again. The article recently about the Roman and Tudor artefacts discovered in a field in Poulton appears to have upset a number of people. For this I unreservedly apologise.
When Carol alerted me to the collection in the library cellar, I badgered her to take some photographs of it and to try to discover whatever history about it she could.
I ought to make it perfectly clear from the outset (because Carol’s now in a heap of trouble about this) that she wasn’t actually going into the cellar for a smoke as I’d written. She gave up smoking months ago. It was a joke. Not a particularly funny one, perhaps, but a joke nonetheless.
Also, to the best of my knowledge because I’ve never actually been down there, the cellar at Blackpool Library does not suffer from damp. Again, this was intended as a joke and nothing more. (For the record I also don’t drink six bottles of whisky a night or wrestle midgets at weekend.)
Thirdly, as nobody who was questioned at the time seemed to know who had donated the artefacts, the confusion about Mr Critchlow’s name was genuine, even if I did expand on this aspect (again, intentionally, albeit as an attempt at humour) by giving him various surnames throughout the article. Once again, my apologies if I’ve offended any members of his family or social circle. That was never my intention.
By way of making reparations, I’ve removed the offending article from this board and would like to point out that Carol was only trying to help an extremely annoying local antiquarian, namely me. She had no idea that I was going to write the article about it afterwards and was, to be honest, going above and beyond the call of duty in attempt to help.
As for my sense of humour, once again I can only apologise. Somebody once said that ‘Every time a person opens his mouth somebody somewhere will be offended by it.’ Can’t remember who said it now, although it seems they must have met me somewhere down the lines.


bignick47 said...

God help us all - there's always going to be soemone who cant't take a joke. I'm sure anyone with half a brain could tell you were messing about - However, I used to work at the library and know what they acn be like at times.

bignick47 said...

PS - excuse typing erros - I was annoyed!

Brian Hughes said...


I think the main problem was that I badgered Carol into taking the display off the library premises so that she could get some clear photographs for me. I also posted the article without the artefacts owner's consent, although, in my own defence, I didn't actually know who the owners were at the time.

I certainly don't want to get Carol into any more trouble here. Neither of us realised we were doing anything wrong, although, perhaps on reflection, we should have done a bit more research first.

Ann oDyne said...

God save us from the humourless.
Sympathy to Carol.
It is a bastard of a world indeed, and most of us have a good time on the blogs, trying to block out the very sections of society typified by the angsty mob who found us having this fun.
The Lste Mr.Critchlow would be furious with them.

Andrew said...

Strike two. Poor Carol is probably telling people she has never smoked. Now you have outed her as a reformed smoked.

Jayne said...

Sod 'em!
You've introduced the late Cyril Critchlow to people from around the world who'd never heard of him before but who now have a new respect for him, his dedication to magic,local history and the preservation of rich artefacts.
The same cannot, however, be said of the library whose very existence is implied to perform these actions...and tis a tad difficult for children to tramp through the doors and down to the cellar to discover these beauties for themselves.
Oh, that's a sarcastic joke if they happen to be reading, as they're unable to discern obvious humour for themselves.

Brian Hughes said...

Er...yes...thanks for the show of solidarity here chaps, but to be honest the apology is genuine. I really don't like upsetting people, especially when I don't intend to.

I'm amazed that Carol's got into so much trouble, to be honest. She was only doing her job and trying to help out and my hope is that whoever lodged the complaint against her realises that there was no malice intended anywhere down tyhe line.

andy said...

brian you have done the right thing you have apologised , though god knows why you had to !!.this whole affair is a sad reminder of the times we now live in and its my opinion that the sort of people who take offence/create problems fron nothing like this are the people who are taking the GREAT out of BRITAIN . sad days indeed regards andy

Brian Hughes said...

Cheers Andy.

Hopefully my actions have minimised the damage. I'm still not entirely sure where the real problem lay or with whom. All I know is that Carol was in a lot of trouble for it, and I certainly don't want to be responsible for her getting the sack for something that was basically my fault. With a bit of luck this'll be a line drawn under..or preferably 'through'...the entire episode.

Andrew said...

Send Carol a bunch of flowers with a personally humiliating mea culpa.

Brian Hughes said...


It'd require more than a bunch of flowers the number of times I've dropped her in it. However, the surgeons are all closed at weekend, so an apology will have to suffice for now.

John said...


Anyone reading these posts after awhile pretty much have to take these things with a grain of salt, and a shot of whiskey. :0)

Seriously, I missed that post, so can't comment further, but we all know you mean no harm... although you do have a thing against monks, midgets, and mayflies for some reason.

Please forward the post to me! I'd love to see the artefacts!

JOHN :0)

Brian Hughes said...


Can't forward the post. It's gone off my hard drive as well now. I have, however, posted a new article above this one, although nobody appears to have noticed yet.

shirley said...

You are damned if you do and damned if you don't. Hey I would love you to discover my missing picture of Allen clarke and put it up for al to see instead of being hidden somewhere. We all love the banter in here it is all so temperary Brian go on wrestle another midget Shirley (will anyone ever see the said artefacts how sad)

Brian Hughes said...


I'm a damned nuiscance at times, I know that. I hope (and suspect) that the artefacts will eventually end up on display.

shirley said...

Listen you I would love you to come to the launch Brian, with your Michelle as was arranged it is a big day no hassle just a bit of Lanky fun. After all you and the gang have done sooooooooo much to bring his (A. Clarke's ) voice back I so want you both there hey your old mate Bruce ( of the Samuel Fletcher or Horatio as he is now proudly named) and Ann will be there. Sorted Yes!!!! Shirley (takes no prisoners) And yes artefacts will be on display when we have a Heritage Centre trust me.

Brian Hughes said...


I've sent you an email (it's not something I can discuss on a public forum unfortunately) but, to summarize, times are a bit complicated. (Sounds enigmatic, doesn't it? It's not...just extremely annoying really.) I'd actually love to come but don't think I can. If the opportunity arises though I will, just don't put any extra nibbles out for me.