Thursday, January 01, 2009

NEW FOR 2009!

(Editor: The second half of the 'Wyre Archaeology Review of the Year' posting should be lurking about just below this gratuitous advert somewhere...if anybody's interested.)

First off, I'd better apologise for the photograph below. It seemed like a good idea at the time -- new book, same old advertising method; a photograph of your's truly holding said book with a threatening message underneath. Unfortunately I left it a bit late in the day, and it went dark, and then the batteries on my camera didn't have enough juice left in 'em to power the flash, so I thought, "Table lamp with a 150 watt bulb in it pointing straight at my face."
The result was...well...try not to have nightmares.

(Update: Michelle has informed me that the idea behind including a photograph of the product in an advertisement is to encourage people to buy said product, not make them feel physically ill. As a result, the somewhat disturbing image of my face ill-lit by lamplight has been replaced with this rather more straightforward picture of the book cover itself.)

Anyhow, it is New Year and not Halloween regardless of what your senses are telling you (Update: Stop's gone. That's Barbara on the cover that you can see now...a far more pleasant image to wake up to, I'm sure, than my gurning features), which means a brand new book...of sorts. The complete Wyre Archaeology excavation reports for 2008, mulched together and perfect bound in one glossy coloured volume. Not for the feint hearted, it must be said, being it all very serious and full of context sheets and diagrams and other tedious stuff that could probably be used as evidence in an incredibly boring court case, but if you're the sort of person who wants to build up a hard-copy reference library of Wyre Archaeology's excavations (and who isn't?) then this is the book for you!
I don't think we'll be selling this one in any shops. Actually, I know we won't. The local bookshops are struggling enough as it is without this sort of rubbish cluttering up their shelves. However, you can order a copy at the next Wyre Archaeology meeting if you like (bring your wallets and some moth repellent) or you can buy it direct on-line at:
I somehow suspect the compilers of the 2009 best sellers list won't be getting in touch any time soon.


John said...

If you want to sell books, you should provide a preview, and images from within, not images of Himself playing with a flashlight. :0)

Show us the stuff! ( er, yes, we couls search the archives, but that's to much trouble)

By the way, word verification is, "eolith"! Add an N to that, and it may have been quite apropo, eh?

That's all I've got. JOHN :0)

Brian Hughes said...


There is a preview...such as it is...just click on the link. You get ten pages' worth of viewing, which should be enough to put anybody off, if that photograph hasn't already, of course.

Jayne said...

It's a bloody brilliant book I'm enjoying - when I can wrestle it from Feral Beast who loves re-reading it,particularly late at night under the doona with a miners lamp and giggling himself silly till the dogs start howling madly.
Great book....;)

Anonymous said...

I take it that was a post-2008 photo? Hence the dazed out look and morbid facial expression.

Brian Hughes said...


Glad you're enjoying it. Somehow I don't think the same could be said of this new one...although it might give F.B. some idea of what goes into compiling an excavation report. I say 'some' idea...I strongly suspect our excavation reports are regarded as incomprehensible garbage along the corridors of academia, which is where most of them end up scattered.


It was a self portrait taken late last night following some bad cheese on toast. You'll be glad to know that, after a number of complaints from frightened children this morning, it's been carted off to the great cyber dustbin and destroyed.

Jayne said...

Ahhh! Now, see, the bigger and better pic negates even my dodgy eyesight and makes it very clear that it's a new book!

Brian Hughes said...


New book...unfortunately same old rubbish.