Monday, August 04, 2008

Monday Afternoon Quickie...

It's funny how some stories just seem to run, isn't it? Thought I'd post this by way of a mid-mid-week offering. It was sent to me by Anthony Coppin of the Garstang Courier. (Cheers for that Anthony.) I know it's another rehash of the 'Roman pillars at the North Euston' story, but this one appeared in the Longridge News. Yes, our fame is spreading, folks. The North Euston's probably doing quite well out of this too. (You'll have to click on the image below if you want to actually read it.)

While I'm here, how about an update on the Wyre Archaeology Bric-a-brac stall at the Lambs Road car boot sale in Thornton, yesterday? Well, Jean, Harry and Barbara you'll be glad to know, managed to raise a grand total of £140.00...which isn't bad, you've got to admit. I took this photograph of Jean and Babara hard at work when me and Chris were en route to Grange Farm in the morning. Jean particularly wanted to show off her S.P.Q.R. teeshirt. (Don't ask me...something to do with Queen's Park Rangers I think.)

Before anyone starts grumbling, Thursday's posting (all being well) will be appearing as advertised (and as it ought to be) on Thursday as usual. And any members of Wyre Archaeology reading this who might have forgotten...The Shovels Inn, Hambleton, 7.00 p.m. this Wednesday evening. Bring a trowel and butties etc.


Jayne said...

Hope they had a large sign for Wyre Archaeology out the front of their stall...any publicity is good publicity!
Which goes for the newspaper article, too, well done!

Brian Hughes said...


If you look at the car windows in the photograph you should be able to see a few Wyre Archaeology posters. Exactly how many people they recruited I'm not sure...but you never know. We might get one or two newbies at the next meeting hopefully.

Andrew said...

They look wonky enough to be old enough to be Roman. Glad it is only the front bit they are holding up.

Brian Hughes said...


That's no way to speak of Barbara and Jean.

Ozfemme said...

I get about the butties, but what on earth are the trowels for?

Brian Hughes said...


The landlord of the Shovels wants his garden wall repointing.

Bwca said...

Ozfemme: the trowels are for spreading the BUTTER on the butties.
and that Jean looks a saucy minx.
Romanus left buried at Fleetwood.

Brian Hughes said...


I must admit, she does have a certain cheeky look about her in the photograph, doesn't she?