Saturday, December 01, 2007

Seets i' Blackpool: Part Three

Oh...gowun thin. Eet's mor o' liss mid-wik. Achlee, eet's nort...eet's on'y leet Saturdee neet, but us knows y're gaggin' f't next exceetin' installymunt o' this 'ere boo-uk an' 'oo ur we t' deny thi?

Ah reckun thart next week shud just aboot see us t' the end o' chapper wun. So, unless thas enny compleents, wull problee end it theer fort' time bean. Some'ow ah don't think thas gonna be too menny folks askin' us t' contineeoo. Afore thin, o'course, us still got part two o' celtic 'ighway articular wot'll be postid nex' Friday, as per usuality.


Ozfemme said...

So.... can one expect there to be more when it actually is midweek or is this our blooming lot for now?

Yours in anticipation,

Brian Hughes said...

One more instalment should do y' for now, I reckon, Bella. It'll be appearing next weekend, after the second part of the Celtic Road in Blackpool article. (Bring a bottle and a cake.) That'll take us all very neatly to the end of Chapter One...out of twenty odd...which, even for Lanky Twang addicts is pushing it some. After that I'd require a signed petition before being convinced to scan in any more.

John said...

I almost wish I hadn't read this.... there's few things sadder than a good pasty gone to ruin.

I could go for a good cheese and onion pasty right now, with a spot of Guinness to wash it down.

Now you've gone and got me hungry!

Cheers, JOHN :0)

Brian Hughes said...


It could be worse. These postings could be making you sick. The fact that they're increasing your appetite can only be a good thing...postings-wise, that is, not John's stomach-wise, of course.

JahTeh said...

My kingdom for a cheese and onion pasty but John can keep his Guinness, I'll take a half of scrumpy.

Brian Hughes said...

Mmm...scrumpy. Only the proper stuff, mind...the sort that me and Michelle used to get down Kidderminster way, with caterpillars and leaves and bits of twigs and old cigarette ends still floating about in it.

Having said that, that might just have been the pub we always went to. I don't think the landlord liked us much.