Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Playground Spectacular (Part Two)

Did everybody enjoy Playground Spectacular Part One? (Don't all shout at once.) Well, we're sure you did...which is why, by way of a mid-week posting, we're putting a link up to Part Two, featuring the Miss Blackpool competition held annually at the open air baths in South Shore (now both long since gone), Charlie Cairoli (also now long since gone) and various other jolly old sights and attractions from the Fylde Coast's most beloved resort. (Keep a look out for the 'Windmill Land Dairies' logo on the side of the delivery van...Allan Clarke had a lot to be responsible for:

As always, just click on the image above and you should be directed to the relevant page at You Tube.


Fiona said...

Loved the old video clips of Blackpool!! Look like the good old days!
Much has changed since then, shame most of it is for the worse.
Was very interesting to see the amount of people on the beach and in the sea - if only they knew what was in the water, they might have been a little more hesitant!

If you find anymore, please post them!


John said...

I'm enjoying the videos as well, as a glimpse into a simpler, more innocent time. Unfortunately, I've only heard Blackpool being mocked on Britcoms, and have never been there meself, so have nothing to compare it to.

I can't imagine it's all that different. ;0) Actually, I can... we have resort places that have stayed the same, only gotten bigger, and we have some that have become ghost towns, only scarier.

Elephants on the beach, beauty pageants... what a holiday. :0)

Cheers, JOHN :0)

Brian Hughes said...

Fiona and John,

One of the things that has improved about Blackpool, it seems, is the background music. (I couldn't help thinking of Vic and Bob's Public Information Films when I saw these clips.)

Stay tuned however...there's a classic, albeit silent, but colour video/film from the 1920s being posted this Friday.

Brian Hughes said...

Incidentally Fiona,

I wanted to check out your website via the guestbook, but for some reason the link doesn't want to work...