Sunday, November 04, 2007

Playground Spectacular (Part One)

Time for a midweek posting. We haven't had one of these for a least, not one just for the sake of it that isn't full of doom and gloom. Anyhow, we've been trawling the net recently for interesting videos related, in some small measure, to the Fylde and Wyre's history, more of which, no doubt, we'll be posting over the next few months. But let's kick off with this little gem; a promotional film for Blackpool in the 1950s. (We've no idea how to embed this clip into our website...but it's about ten minutes long and if you click on the image below it should, with a bit of luck, take you to the relevant page at You Tube.)
Before you click however, a few words from our sponsor. There are a couple of matters worth looking out for. Firstly, the number of people on the beach. Nowadays you'd be lucky to find a solitary seagull stalking the sands, but times and tourists were obviously a great deal simpler back then, and raw sewerage was probably considered healthy. Secondly, there's the elephants. Not something you're going to run across on the promenade nowadays, although some of the grockles might well be mistaken for them. Thirdly, the line "The history of this Lancashire resort only goes back 300 years." (Yes...there's sound with this one, so crank up the volume.) We'd like to take issue with that, but the announcer's probably long since dead so, suffice it to say, we're currently working on a book that's going to add 5,000 years to that misguided figure.
Anyway...all that aside, here's 'Playground Spectacular (Part One)'. It's clean and homely and pleasant and even the meat rack's come out a treat.
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