Monday, August 06, 2007

Blowing our own trumpets…again

Yes…it’s another mid-week posting, and an early one this week at that. Don’t panic if you’re looking for part two of the Kilgrimol saga…actually, on second thoughts, perhaps you ought to panic a bit and possibly even consult a psychiatrist…but whatever the case we’ll be continuing our exploration of the ‘drowned village’ on Friday. For now, though, we thought we’d share with you our latest claims to fame. (Form an orderly queue if you want an autograph please.)

Firstly this review of ‘The History of the Fylde Coast in Old Picture Postcards’ (you know the routine with the thumbnails by now) appeared in the Garstang Courier tonight. Phil Barker spotted it and thought we might like a copy. When the words: “What an excellent book it is…” leapt out at us from the printed page we could hardly refuse. (Incidentally, if Anthony Coppin, the reviewer, is reading this, thanks for the support, and the cheque is in the post.)

See, we told you it was an excellent book. The only trouble is we’re currently sold out of them, but we’ve got a new batch on order so keep chomping the bit for now.

Our second foray into the world of international stardom tonight came as another surprise. In fact, if Michelle hadn’t spotted the bulletin board outside Thornton newsagents on her way home from work we might have missed it. (You know you’ve hit the big time when you appear on a newspaper bulletin board. How cool is that?) Unfortunately, once again, my ugly, gurning mush is taking centre stage. I really wish I’d warn a balaclava when the photograph was taken a couple of weeks back. Or not been standing in the rain for two hours before hand so that my hair was plastered to my head in a 1970’s Bobby Moore style. The committee at Wyre Archaeology have warned me that, in future, they’ll be hiring a John Merrick look-a-like to stand in for my photographs so as not to put potential new members off.

And ‘The History of the Wyre (from Harold the Elk to Cardinal Allen)’ (again, momentarily out of stock but we’re working on it) gets a mention, so cheers to Tom Halstead for throwing his support behind Bourne Hill, Wyre Archaeology and everything else. At this rate we’re going to have a huge crowd of spectators on the hill. And knowing our luck all we’re going to find is a dented beer can and a couple of used prophylactics.

Back to Kilgrimol on Friday…but don’t let that put you off revisiting this web site.


John said...

What can I say, but "Bravo!"

and of course, that I knew you when. :0)

Cheers, and many pats on the back for some well deserved recognition.

Now if you could only get some of MY books mentioned in those papers. :0)

Just kidding, of course, but now I have to get the postcard book as well. It looked good before, but now I have to get a copy before the printers run out of paper.

Congrats, and well wishes, JOHN :0)

Brian Hughes said...


We were getting complaints from Greenpeace about the enviromental disaster caused through our excessive booksales. However, in light of my growing fame, Greenpeace have now apologised and have asked for my autograph instead. Because of this new understanding between us, they've also allowed me to have a large section of the new forest felled so that screaming schoolgirls can produce scrapbooks of our newspaper clippings.

Cheers for the support. After this, when we dig up that old tractor shed on Saturday I'm going to need somewhere to hide.

Anonymous said...

Well I saw the dig, in progress on saturdsy. I hope it was worth it and that it was sucesfull. well done keep up the gr8 job your doin.

Mr John D-A :-)

Brian Hughes said...

John D-A,

It's always worth it. It might not always appear so at the time, but after analysis, a great deal of thought and lots of spin it's always worth it.

Hope you enjoyed the bit where the mechanical digger fell in the trench.

John said...

I do hope you're kidding about the mechanical digger, Brian, but if you're not, I hope you haev some good pictures! (You really need to invest in a good camera, mein friend.)

Anyways, for those of us who couldn't come to the dig, CAN YOU PLEASE TELL US HOW IT WENT!

Ahem. Thank you, but I'm losing my patience here... JOHN :0)

Brian Hughes said...


Don't worry, the digger landed on Neil Thompson and bounced straight back out again.

Might post a mid-week article about the dig itself...if I've woken up again by that point, that is.