Monday, August 13, 2007

Another Mid-Week-ish Posting…

Okay…first things first. Michelle and I (some people will be glad to read) have resigned from Wyre Archaeology. There are several reasons for our sudden departure but, after a great deal of ‘umming’ and ‘arhing’, we thought it best not to air our dirty laundry in public. However, we are continuing with our historical and archaeological researches, we will be updating this web site (of course) as normal and we will be writing more books (so the Amazonian Rainforests aren’t safe yet)…and we’ll even be conducting the odd independent excavation when we manage to land one…so anybody who wants to stay in touch with us please drop us a line at our usual e-mail address. (What do you mean you haven’t got it? We handed out those little cards a few weeks ago at one of the meetings, remember? It’s not our fault if you threw it in the bin. Tell you what, leave us a message over at the forum with your e-mail address in it and we’ll get back in touch.)

Now then, regarding Saturday’s dig (or, to be exact, our last ever dig with the society). What did we discover?

Well, it would appear that the only thing surrounding our four enigmatic stones was a large red clay floor. (It was a floor and not glacial deposit. We can tell because there was soil beneath.) Oh, and we found a piece of what appears to be Roman pottery.

Apart from that we’re none the wiser. Regardless, here’s a photograph of the back of Fiona's head just for the record.

Lastly, for now, here’s our latest ‘Trumpet Blowing Exercise’ from the Garstang Courier. Once again, thanks to Anthony Coppin for a great review and we’re glad you enjoyed it.

Usual update on Friday folks, so don’t abandon us just yet, will you?

Addendum: The following article appeared in the Evening Gazette on Monday night. We were actually expecting an article about Saturday's dig, so we were surprised to come across this:


JahTeh said...

"Is that all there is...." I sing channeling Peggy Lee and putting the cork back in the celebratory bottle of Pol Roger.

John said...

We'd all like to hear more about Bourne Hill, but preerably from you and Michelle since you discovered, investigated, researched, and basically laid all the groundwork for the investigation of it's many mysteries. Whatever the politics over at Wyre Archeology, I hope they remember that this is entirely your work, and how qualified you are to handle such work.

As for Saturday's dig, I await the full report, of course, and I have a million questions, of course.

Still, I know a day is a small period of time in a careful investigation, so fill in the blanks, and hopefully you'll get back out there to finish the great work the way it should be done.

Cheers, JOHN :0)

PS All the luck in the world, and all that. :0)

Brian Hughes said...


You could always try chanelling the celebratory bottle and try putting the cork back in Peggy Lee.


Sorry, but there ain't no more from Bourne Hill. According to Chairman Thompson, Michelle and I are now banned from the place. Banned from the hill that, as you rightly point out, we discovered and which Mr. Thompson himself refused to believe had any archaeology beneath it until we proved him wrong. But there you go...such is life. There are other sites to explore and other discoveries And we're already well on our way to tracking a few of them down.

JahTeh said...

This would never happen on TimeTeam.

I do have Celtic blood running through the veins, a curse or two on their heads perhaps?

Brian Hughes said...


Everyone else at Wyre Archaeology was just following orders by a self-proclaimed yet in reality unqualified authority. So a curse on just one head perhaps...and a big, fat, incompetant head it is, I ought to add. Just the one curse, said very loudly and ending in the word 'off'.

Fiona said...

I wouldn't worry about not hearing anyting about Bourne as you are probably well aware that I back you in all that you do, and I will feed you info as and when I have any. Hopefully I should get David's email address and I cna ask questions on what is going on.
I am not a snout, but it is not fair that you should be kept in the dark about YOUR discovery!
In fact, that does make me a snout. Oh Well!!

Lovely article about Mains, and why oh why a picture of me bending over a trench?? i am sure there are more pleasant views of me somewhere!

As for Mains, it is going to be an exciting day and hopefully we will be able to solve a mystery or two about dates.


Brian Hughes said...


The back of your head tends to be about all that we ever see of you once a trench is opened. Still...great shot of the 'KNP 2007 Tour' logo.

Mains should be fun, and Michelle says she's going to try and better her 'Stanah' photograph of know the one we mean...the one that's locked in a secure cabinet at an unspecified location in case of future blackmailing requirements.

As for keeping us informed about're our fifth columnist within the society. We're currently trying to recruit a sixth, seventh, eighth (continuing up to thirty) columnist and then attempt a non-miltary coup. Failing that a large doctored photograph of the chairman in a compromising situation with a Pilling sheep might be in order.

John said...

From what I hear, you won't need a doctored photograph... just be in the right place at the right time. :0)

Brian Hughes said...


I have to be careful what I write here for legal reasons, but I reckon it's safe to say that, around Pilling, interfering with the sheep is also classified as incest.

Fiona said...

Now now fellas :-)
It's the sheep I feel sorry for!!!
I hate that Stanah photo, i look gormless on it, hehe.
I do have to admit my uni t-shirt was in excellent view.
You know me, once in a trench I am extremely happy, its jsut getting out which can be a problemn!

I get the feeling that both youself and John are not in Neils fan club at this moment in time!

Brian Hughes said...


As President of Chairman (Name withheld for legal reasons)'s fan club (also known as the Fat Controller's League of Boot Lickers) I have enormous respect for the aforementioned Liberal Democrat card carrying dictator. His archaeological techniques are second to none...or to put it another way, less than zero. His interpretation of the landscape ("'s just a claypit 'cos it says so on a tithemap"; "It's not a mediaeval wall, it's a Roman agger"; "The gym at Nateby is at least two miles away from the end of Kilcrash Lane" -- how disappointed Mrs (Name withheld for legal reasons) must have been on their wedding night if that particular judgement of distance is anything to go off) is a revelation to us lesser mortals and his tight control over records, budgets, opinions and basically everything else belonging to other people hasn't been witnessed since Saddam's demise. I won't have a word said against him...because my lawyers have advised me not to.