Friday, June 08, 2007

Most Haunted at Mains (Part Four)

It's midweek posting time again, which can only mean the last thrilling instalment of 'Most Haunted at Mains Hall'. (I can hear the cheers going up around the Fylde as I type.) The last few minutes (i.e. the summing up bit...although it's probably best for the viewers to sum it up for themselves) are missing; current whereabouts unknown (so count yourselves lucky).

Regular viewers to this board might be interested to know that we've recently tracked down 'Most Haunted at Pendle Hill', featuring the legendary Derek Acorah and his classic 'Mother Demdyke' impression/possession. Let us know if you want us to post it here and we'll do our best to accomodate. In the meantime, let the ghosties and ghoulies ensue...


John said...

Well, they certainly do know how to create some dramatic tension, don't they? And very convincing. Of course, put anyone into a haunted house at night, and there's bound to be some heebee jeebies.

Now where is the rest of this?

And they said 16 trees... aren't there only 12? And it is possible that at one time the trees were planted in memory of the monks, but then again, their bodies probably are buried on the site somewhere, so why not under the trees?

You've provided a great beginning here, and I definitely want to learn more about Mains Hall.

Thanks, JOHN :0)

Brian Hughes said...

I really ought to put out a request at this point: If anybody knows where the last five minutes of this episode of Most Haunted might be found on the net please drop me a line. I'd like to see the summing up as well.

I must admit, I read there were twelve trees as opposed to sixteen, in Thornber or Porter somewhere I think it was. Never having been in Mains Hall I couldn't say which is correct.

Still, regardless of that (and regardless of any personal beliefs/comments I might have made concerning Most Haunted) it's fascinating to see inside historic Mains Hall (not something we get to do every day) and the programme itself is genuinely one of mine and Michelle's favourites. (We never miss an episode...well, hardly ever.)

Exactly how relevant these clips are to this website we're not entirely sure, but its local and it's got history in it, so that's as good an excuse as I need to post them here as far as I'm concerned.