Sunday, June 24, 2007

Re-introducing the Forum...

Okay...apologies to anyone who's been attempting to access our new 'Fylde and Wyre Antiquarian' forum only to discover that they can't post a new topic or even respond to an old one. (You can blame the jargon-using, pimple-faced computer nerds who throw these things together for all the hassle.)
After a great deal of coffee, an even greater deal of swearing and cussing and thumping of the computer, I think that I've finally adjusted the forum settings so that unregistered users can now drop by and leave whatever comments and additions to discussions that they want without any further complications.
So, having probably blown our chances of ever getting people to interact with us again, if you're still interested in our latest (and, so far, most annoying) innovation, just click on the following link:

Incidentally, when it asks you for a username, just type in whatever you want (so long as isn't obscene). You really don't have to register with the forum to use it now. And there's an explanation about to how to post pictures to the site in the 'General Discussions' box.

Again...apologies for the teething troubles. And if you're still experiencing problems, please feel free to send a virus to the programmers.

Addendum: Unfortunately...for the time being at least, the forum is now closed. Blame the spammers for that...well, them and the general lack of interest I suppose.

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