Friday, April 06, 2007

Fleetwood Floods

Something a bit different this week. Anyone who knows anything about the history of the Wyre (well the Victorian/Edwardian history at any rate) will know about the Great Flood in which Fleetwood (of all places) was completely swamped. There are still marks etched into the wall of the Strawberry Gardens to this day indicating how high the water levels reached. We've all seen the photographs, but how many of us have seen actual film footage? might be best if you have Broadband for this, but click on the link below and a little piece of Wyre's history (rather blurred and without sound, admittedly) will open up:

If that wasn't enough, then here's an old photograph of the same event. (These overturned caravans appear on the film as well...obviously they made what was considered to be an interesting/artistic image.) For a larger version of this image just click on the thumnail.

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